Research Projects

The organic dairy also has an active applied research program that seeks to support the organic dairy industry. We focus on projects that can improve forage quality and dry matter intake off pasture, thus improving overall productivity and profitability on-farm. We also study the impact of forage intake on the nutritional profile of milk, including antioxidants, lipids, and carotenoids. Our latest research will look at the economic viability of fodder as a component of the dairy ration. Unfortunately, there is very little scientific data to support the use of sprouted grains in the ruminant. Our plan is generate some actual on-farm data to better understand fodder digestibility and the overall impacts of fodder on the rumen microflora.

Amending Pasture Soils Improves Forage Quality and Economic Return: An Organic Dairy Case Study, C.A. Daley, PhD

 Amending Soils in the Organic Dairy Pasture Webinar by eOrganic 

Fodder Research Update - Powerpoint C.A Daley - Click here for Powerpoint Presentation

Utilization of Sprouted Grains as an Alternative Source of Energy in the Dairy Cow Ration, B.M. Roque, C.R. Phillips and C.A. Daley